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An intuitive chat platform for work and play.
With built-in support for LaTeX, high-quality voice and video chat with up to 50% lower latency than Discord1, and a stylish and snappy interface, Equion is the perfect platform for any group.

Native support for LaTeX and Markdown.

The days of incomprehensible equations in ASCII are over. Equion makes it easy to share complex ideas in an easy-to-read format.

High-quality, low-latency voice chat and screen sharing.

Peer-to-peer technology allows for lower latency and better privacy for those problems you can't solve over text.

Lightweight and lightning-fast.

With the entire app fitting within Discord's 8 MB attachment size limit, and using just 3% of the RAM that Discord uses2, Equion won't slow you down.


Start integrating today for free.

1: Based on two clients geographically close together to maximise the benefits of peer-to-peer networking.

2: Calculated on the latest versions of Equion and Discord idle and minimised, Equion used 4 MB maximum RAM while Discord used 140 MB maximum RAM.



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